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Open Horizon, The Lake City

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Habbaniya New City (HNC) is a beautiful waterfront city along Lake Habbaniya, an oasis in the state of Anbar in Western Iraq. Habbaniya, which has long been a resting place for merchants and a vacation spot for tourists with its abundant water resources and beautiful scenery, now opens a new era with the New City development.


The New City development meets the high demand for housing with community-friendly residential facilities, and guides the city to become economically sustainable. With a preservation of natural environment and eco-friendly design, the HNC  will evolve as the most  impressive global tourist attraction.

Project Name


Site Area

Project Cost

Designed Population

Housing Units

Special Facilities

Habbaniya New City

Habbaniya, Anbar Province, Iraq

29,438,000 sqm

35,064 million USD



Waterfront Tourism and Convention, Habbaniya     

International Industrial Park, Logistic Cluster (HIIP)

Commercial and Business District,

Sport Complex, Medical Institution, Education and   

Research Centers

Trace of Project History

Through strategic consultations with Iraqi governments, including National Investment Commission, Ministry of Construction & Housing, and Anbar Provincial Governorate, TRAC has demonstrated ideal practices of collaboration between public and private sectors by internationally engaging in agreements, from signing the Master Plan, publicizing the government registration system, to obtaining development rights with respect to the Habbaniya New City Project.

Habbaniya New City Master Development Plan

Approved on January 7, 2020

Iraqi Minister of Construction & Housing and Governor of Anbar Province approved the Master Development Plan of Habbaniya New City  and TRAC Development Group as a Master Developer & Investor on January 7, 2020.

Signing of Habbaniya

New City Master Plan

December 10, 2018

Governor of Anbar Province H.E. Ali Farhan Hameed and TRAC Chairman Chong Mun pictured with signing ceremony witnesses, including U.S. Embassy Baghdad's Deputy Chief of Mission Joey Hoodan.


Variety of New Homes

100,000 Housing

The Habbaniya New City project essentially promotes residential experiences that support safety, convenience, and happiness of Iraqi individuals. About one-third of the total area of ​​the city is built into a residential complex of houses, along with commercial facilities that merge older and younger generations, from traditional street markets to modern malls, and public facilities such as schools and hospitals.

HNC’s residential complex offers a variety of housing options ranging from those that apply traditional style of living to more modern styles to meet the needs of younger generations. Detached houses, row houses, apartments, commercial and residential complexes, and luxury waterfront villas are offered to fulfill each individual’s preference and affordability.  A total of 100,000 units will eventually meet Iraq’s ever growing demand for housing and guide the city to become economically sustainable.

Special Facility



The Habbaniya Lakeside is a tourist destination for water parks, hotels and resorts, especially suitable for family trips. The scenic lakeview is ideal for convention centers, cultural centers, and exhibition halls, providing a venue for international events and exhibitions. Habbaniya New City’s tourism and commerce will have a positive effect on each other and create synergy to grow into one of the most captivating tourist cities.


Commercial and Business District

Sport Complex

Medical Institution

Education and Research Centers


“A complete city with all functions”

TRAC develops Habbaniya New City with future-oriented values.

Habbaniya New City is a complete city that enables the coexistence of home and work in the living environment.


It will establish itself as a new foundation in Iraq, and a self-sufficient city that grows beyond simple dwellings.



TRAC Development Group