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The Trade Center of Arab

Project Information

Al Basra New City (ABnC) enters Basra, the number one trade center with immediate access to the only port in southern Iraq. As the trading center of the ancient Arab Empire and the Port of Sinbad, it is the gateway to the wider world. 

ABnC is a safe and pleasurable modern city that creates a larger center of trade, along with the old town on the other side of the Shatt Al Arab River. It also has the Business and Commercial District in the center of the city, culminating in a new center for global business and export industries in Iraq. Also, by expanding education, medical, and cultural facilities, it will ultimately become an international gateway that nurtures healthy and capable future generations.

Project Name


Site Area

Project Cost

Designed Population

Housing Units

Special Facilities

Al Basra New City

Shatt Al-Arab County, Basra Province, Iraq

28,253,000 sqm

16,000 million USD



Commercial and Business District,

Culture and Sports Complex,

Education and Research Centers,

Medical Institution, Transit Center

Trace of ABnC

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On October 29, 2010, TRAC signed an agreement with the National Investment Commision (NIC) to construct and develop 500,000 Iraqi national housing units as a Master Developer and Investor in the city development project of national reconstruction. TRAC is progressively actualizing the Al Basra New City development through continuous cooperation with NIC, the Ministry of Construction and Housing, Basra Governorate, and Iraq government financial institutions.

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Approved ABnC Master Development Plan

TRAC Consortium and NIC Technical Committee signed the Al Basra New City Master Development Plan in February 2014 in Baghdad, Iraq. We are the forerunner in the city development and rebuilding of Iraq.

Premium Infrastructure and 100,000 New homes

100,000 Housing

One of the vital roles of Al Basra New City is the supply of housing to respond to the high demand, especially in downtown Basra. About 45% of the ABnC development area is planned for housing to serve this purpose. Detached houses and villas using traditional Iraqi architecture, high and low modern apartments ranging from 5 to 30 floors with glorious depiction of the city skyline, and residential complexes provide a wide range of choices for the residents of Basra.

Well-Planned Urban Infrastructure

ABnC manages water quality by dividing the water of the Shatt Al Arab river into 5 stages, filtering it with clean purified water and treating the sewage in 7 stages. The 750MW power plant that will enter the city stabilizes the city's power supply. The road network that connects from the old city center to the port facilitates traffic in and out of the city.

The New Gate of Iraq


Basra has gained its status as a center of maritime trade and as a key hub for the maritime Silk Road that led to the golden age of the ancient Arab Empire. Basra has been enriched by the spice trade for centuries and is known worldwide as a city that represents wealth.Basra remains a very influential city to this day. It is the only port city in Iraq bordering the Arabian Gulf and an international trading city that steers both import and export.

Basra has seven ports,including Um Qasr Port, Iraq’s largest port, through which about 80% of Iraqi imports are imported. The oil terminal on Basra Sea efficiently exports crude oil and natural gas from all over Iraq. In addition to existing ports, the Great Al Faw Port project, which has been steadily developing since 2010, amplifies Basra's greater trade and economic impact.

Auxiliary industrial facilities such as the oil industry and distribution industry are also dispersed around the trading ports and oil terminals. ABnC opens a new gateway with premium infrastructure and housing with such high economic impact and growth potential.

“The trade center that is well-ready for a second golden age.”

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